Sensenich now offers a full line of ground-adjustable composite propellers for aircraft powered by Continental and Lycoming engines, said Donald Rowell, company president. Rowell said there is a high-speed, three-blade, 68-inch-diameter propeller for 180- to 210-mph aircraft like high-performance Lancair, Glasair, and Van’s Aircraft RV models; a mid-speed, 76-inch propeller for 150-mph aircraft; and a short-takeoff-and-landing propeller with a diameter of 82 or 78 inches. Pricing of the new propellers varies by diameter. Two-blade props start at $3,500 and three-blade at $3,750, increasing to $4,250 in January; equipment is included but not a spinner. More information is available online. Steel Pipe, Steel Sheet, Galvanized Coil, Steel Profile, Steel Coil – Goldensun,