Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2020 -- An Industrial burner is a mechanical device which uses gas or liquid fuel to produce flames in a controlled manner. The efficiency of a burner depends on the mixing rate of air and fuel which affects flame stability. An industrial burner is a crucial component of an effective combustion system design. Some crucial functions that industrial burners need to perform include fuel preparation, distribution of air and fuel and combustion control. Industrial Burners have many applications in various industries like chemical industry, automotive industry, food processing industry, etc. Various features of a good industrial burner are:

Less Pollution Low Noise Long life Safety in operation Stable operation As almost every industry uses burners during the manufacturing process, it becomes extremely important for manufacturers to do regular maintenance of burners to avoid breakdowns in operations, unnecessary failures, etc. Also, timely maintenance of industrial burners contributes to energy and fuel savings.

Industrial burners are an integral part of the operations in all industries as they provide thermal energy needed for transferring of heat, generation of steam, heating of fluids, etc. The extensive use of burner management systems (BMS) in various industries will have a positive effect on the global industrial burners market. Burner Management Systems help in safe start, operation and shut down of the multiple burner furnace section of a boiler. The increase in demand for industrial boilers in developing countries due to rising industrialization has fueled the growth of the industrial burner market.

Due to the various regulations introduced by governments across the world, it has become important for all manufacturers to produce energy efficient burners. Also, many manufacturers are now focusing on new technologies that will reduce the cost of production, apart from also reducing emissions from industrial furnaces. Industrial burners bring about complete combustion of the air and fuel which, in turn, reduces carbon dioxide emission. Many companies, in the steel industry specially, are now focusing on research and developments to produce energy efficient industrial burners.

One of the major trends being seen in the industrial burner market is the use of renewable fuel oil. With increasing focus on reducing emissions so to avert negative changes in climatic condition, it has become important to use renewable fuel for operations. Companies are investing hugely in R&D for developing such industrial burners.

There are various challenges that the industrial burner industry is facing at this point in time. Retrofitting of industrial burners is a major concern, which may also hamper the growth of the industrial burner market in future.

The global Industrial Burner market can be segmented by fuel type, automation, burner type, operating temperature, application and end user.

Oil-based Gas-based Dual fuel On the basis of automation, the global Industrial Burner market is segmented as:

Regenerative Burners High Velocity Burner Thermal Radiation Radiant Burner Customized (Burner Boiler) Flat Flame Burner Line Burner Others On the basis of operating temperature, the global Industrial Burner market is segmented as:

High Temperature (> 1400F) Low Temp ( On the basis of application, the global Industrial Burner market is segmented as:

Boilers Furnace/Ovens/Kiln Air Heating/ Drying Others On the basis of end use, the global Industrial Burner market is segmented as:

Petrochemicals Power Generation Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals Mining and Mineral Metal Pharmaceutical Glass Ceramics Food Processing Automotive Printing & Publishing Others Market Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Industrial Burner market identified across the value chain include:

Brahma Solenoid Valve

Alzeta Corporation ANDRITZ Baltur S.p.A. Bloom Engineering. Forbes Marshall. Honeywell international Inc. Limpsfield MITSUBISHI HITACHI POWER SYSTEMS LTD. Oilon QED Combustion. Selas Heat Technology Company WESMAN JOHN ZINK COMPANY, LLC. IBS Industrie-Brenner-Systeme GmbH Faber Burner Company Weishaupt Group Oxilon Burners Company ESA Pyronics International BABCOCK WANSON AGF Burner, Inc.

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