Mumbai-based The AgeLess Clinic, which has gathered quite the reputation for importing international aesthetic treatments soon after they surface in Hollywood—have you heard of the vampire facial?—has a new draw. The Body Ballancer® is a patented machine-based treatment that works on the principle of lymphatic drainage massage. All you need to do is step inside a sleeping bag-like contraption that gently squeezes you in a wave motion. Lounge spoke to Dr Harshna Bijlani, a celebrity skin expert and medical head of The AgeLess Clinic, to understand how it works. Edited excerpts:

It increases the supply of oxygen in your blood, improves circulation and increases lymphatic drainage. It is ideal for individuals who are looking to reduce water retention, bloating and cellulite to those who want to slim or detox. It also helps with stress relief and muscle relaxation.

What kind of therapy is it an upgrade from? How is it different from a manual lymphatic massage at a spa?

The efficacy of a manual lymphatic massage, to a large extent, depends on the service provider. The Body Ballancer®, on the other hand, is a USFDA approved device and uses proven pressotherapy technology that works with the help of 24 individual air chambers per suit to ensure all your areas are taken care of. It’s a roughly 40- minute treatment that you can put on while getting yourself a facial.

There are various devices out there for fat loss but very few for water retention and bloating. This is a great fix for when you’re feeling bloated and want to get your body ready to fit into the perfect bodycon dress, which is a common concern for our patients.

Lymphatic drainage also plays an important part in aiding fat loss. In fact, it works great as a supplementary treatment for those individuals opting for fat reduction treatments...(most of these) treatments destroy fat cells which are eliminated from the body through lymphatic drainage. If your lymphatic drainage isn’t strong, these treatments may not be able to perform as well as they can. —AG

Fila’s creative director Abdon Lepcha talks about the brand’s collaboration with Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar’s indie streetwear brand NorBlack NorWhite (NBNW). Edited excerpts:

The collaboration between Fila and NorBlack NorWhite was born out of a desire to re-interpret ancient practices of textile design, while bringing together their worlds, mashing up modern Indian and global street culture. The concept was to bring about two different branches of fashion as one.

The silhouettes are sporty, which is Fila’s signature style, and the bandhani motifs/prints are NBNW’s identity. The inspiration was to have a fusion between street and sports fashion.

The bandhani print on the sweatshirt and shorts and the multicoloured checks on the T(shirt) are key signatures of NBNW infused in the Fila silhouettes. The fanny pack and socks are also treated with the bandhani print and logos in multiple colours.

The black baseball jersey. As I usually wear anti-fit silhouettes, it’s the style I choose to pair with all the other pieces in my wardrobe.

Relaxed volume, utility and sporty looks will be some of the core messages. Fluidity and comfort will continue to be important for oversized silhouettes and increased volume. Unicolour track sets will be the key silhouettes in the coming seasons. The anti-fit trend will continue and the sporty look is here to stay for some time. Vintage nostalgia and going-back-to-the-roots is taking over the modernistic and futuristic approach. —SD

The Fila x NorBlack NorWhite collection launched in November and is available at Fila, Fort store, Kalaghoda; Veg Non Veg, Bandra; and

For the truly handmade feel, drop by Studio Potters’ Market held on the quaint heritage premises of Patkar Bungalow in Mumbai. A number of potters will be showcasing their products—you can pick thingamajigs to adorn your office table with or even tableware that could be a refreshing change from the regular steelware. Since it’s the festive season, stack up on gifts with coffee mugs, vases and Christmas ornaments. —BF

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