PLAINFIELD, Ind. - Police in Plainfield are following reports of a bizarre crime. This week, police received reports of people finding strips of nails in their driveways and on neighborhood streets.

“I was like, holy cow! These must have fallen off somebody’s truck when they were turning around," she said.

Police believe it was on purpose. On Gary Drive, two people have had popped tires. Once Rankin found the nails, she posted about it on Facebook. That's where she learned several others have are dealing with the same findings.

“It’s just a roll of nails and it looks like for a nail gun. They’re all together, maybe roofing nails,” explained Rankin.

The nails have been found in rolls and in strips along driveways. Deputy Chief Joe Aldridge says this is not common, but homeowners should watch out..

“Be very mindful and very observant what they see,” said Aldridge, “We’ve had two popped tires already reported to us from these nails. So just be careful, someone could have stepped on them as well so just be very, very careful of what you see on your property.”

Rankin says she doesn’t know why her home was targeted, but she says she just wants the person responsible to stop.

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“What was your intention? Why are you trying to hurt someone? I mean, hurt someone financially,” asked Rankin, “Why would you want to do that?”

Police don’t have any suspects at this time. Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Plainfield Police Department at 317-838-3565.

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