The US Saws Core EZ Concrete Core Drill Bit System provides the easiest method of core drilling in a wall or floor we’ve ever seen—up to 10 inches. Every now and then we find a unicorn at a trade show. It may not be new—just new to us. Such was the case at this year’s World of Concrete.

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Typically, using a core drill to drill concrete involves an offset motor, side-mounted handle, and lots of prep. You need to anchor the core drill to the ground. Even then, you’re dealing with a system that essentially works against itself. The core drill is pushing down, but the stand is behind the drill—causing it to tilt slightly in one direction.

What if you could actually drill straight into the wall or floor? What if all of the applied force were in line with the work being done? That’s what the U.S. Saws Core Mate Core EZ System does.

Only a few steps are needed to get the Core EZ Concrete Core Bit System up and running. This caught our eye immediately and had us looking for “the rest of the core drill”. Let’s look at the components first:

It takes very little for the Core EZ to operate, but the components are exactly what makes the system so amazingly ergonomic and sensible.

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At this point, the system starts to really take shape. You can see that the grinder—while offset—supplies direct gearing to the core drill bit. The downward force being applied to the bit comes from directly above. Also, the drill bit is being driven directly downward due to the anchored guide post which is centered on the bit.

To drill, you simply hold down the grinder trigger and turn the advancing nut with a 3/4-inch wrench. This drives the core drill bit into the concrete.

I got to use this system at World of Concrete and found it to be extremely stable, lightweight, and efficient. I cored a 5-inch hole in approximately 10 minutes, but I likely wasn’t pushing the system as hard as I could.

Because of the center anchor bolt, the Core EZ actually holds the core once drilling is complete. That means you can drill in places where you’d normally have to worry about “catching” the core after you completed the hole.

The U.S. Saws Core EZ kit is compact. You can use it to drill in smaller, harder-to-reach locations. Also, the entire advanced core drilling system comes in a wheeled case and weighs less than 50 pounds! Of course, you can use it with corded grinders, but there’s no reason it won’t also work with 36V cordless grinders from Metabo and possibly others.

You can order the U. S. Saws Core EZ system online here. Retail pricing on just the Core EZ system is $2,875 without any core bits. Retail pricing from U.S. Saws on the core bits varies:

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